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Join me on a transformational journey and ignite the fire of life within you so that you can live all over again.

Hi, I’m Jana

After two long years of dealing with adversity from the diagnosis, to the harsh treatments to losing my sister-in-law to cancer soon after learning of my own recovery, many great things have come out this chapter in my life.

It may seem strange to read this at first, but please, bear with me while I explain.

Looking back, I put a lot of my recovery down to choosing how I wished to see it all.

You know yourself, when you’re down and out, the first thing that you can think of doing is feeling sorry for yourself, curling up like a ball and simply being left alone. And who would blame you, with everything going on it’s too much for your mind to comprehend let alone be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The reality…whether we live or die is inevitable. But how we choose to embrace our lives and spend our time is what really counts. Not only for ourselves, but equally for those around us.

Now, two years on I can honestly say that I live my life feeling free, fearless and truly happy, every single day.

And now, I’m on a mission to share this with you and the rest of the world.  So join me, on a transformational journey where we reignite the fire of life within you so that you can live all over again.

The Coaching

Our coaching is focused on individual success and is suited to anyone looking for support through treatment, post treatment, trauma of loved ones, even individuals looking to make positive changes in their life for their own personal success.

Coaching is held privately from the comfort of your own location or in a private consulting suite. These sessions are designed to give you the support you require to get from where you are today to where you’d like to be tomorrow. Together with hard work and determination, we  break down barriers and get you on the road to a healthier, freer,  more meaningful life. 

Get in touch today to find out how coaching could work for you. 

The Workshops

Our workshops are aimed at anyone seeking fulfilment in one’s everyday life. We cover topics such as personal, work, life balance, finding inner peace, success training, unlocking fears and many more areas to help you with your overall health and well being. Essentially the focus is to re-ignite your inner flame allowing the true potential of growth and a better understanding of self.

Workshops are held across Melbourne a in many different locations and settings that are suited to the topic being covered. These workshops can also be requested by individuals, groups, corporations and local councils.

Get in touch today and see h find out how you could benefit from attending or even hosting a workshop in the near future. 

The Retreats

Our international retreats are aimed at recovering former cancer fighters to help regain ownership of their bodies/lifes and take revenge on cancer.

Also for those who have lost someone from cancer, and fighting the grief and sadness. This is perfect for you. We aim to get you out of your home and into another more positive environment and around those who have suffered as well. You will come out of this with a positive outlook.We focus on the 3 elements of Fit Body, Fit Mind and Fit Spirit, working holistically with our clients to ensure they walk away with the fitness and tools needed to move back into every day life. 

Our retreats are based in amazing 5 star resorts, and leave you completely relaxed amongst workshops, bootcamps, meditation and education. We are currently taking inquiries for our 2018 retreat – just fill out the form below! 

Jana’s fight against the cancer change completely her. Her mind and her soul. Now she educates people about cancer. She wants to make sure cancer can be defeated and sees cancer is not invincible.

Her passion and her message is powerful for everyone that feels alone or they lose their will. I too was fighting like Jana against a tumour and it wasn’t easy so I know exactly what it means to have cancer. But I never felt alone in my journey and Jana’s message for me was high in energy and motivation – a message to live and never give up because we just have one life and it’s too easy to just give up.

Jana’s actions will be remembered for years and I’m sure all the people follow her, her passion and will find the force, the power to don’t give up, to don’t let this evil win against us, I can never say thank you enough for giving me back my desire to live.


“I always wanted to be a great coach and mentor to others but in the beginning I just didn’t have the experience and know how, to really make the difference I wanted to for others…. Until I met Jana.

Jana was always there to offer assistance and guideline to me, giving me invaluable knowledge, wisdom and direction on how to not only help my clients physically, but even more importantly, mentally.

Jana made me think differently. She helped me gain confidence and taught me to face fears in order for me to see the potential in myself, which then led me to be a great leader and mentor for others.

There is no one I know that has the passion, the drive and the resilience that Jana has and when you’re around her, you can’t help but become a better person.”


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