All The Things You Need To Know About Money

Most of the time when people are asked the very most common question of all time “what is one thing that will help improve the quality of your life” most would reply “win the lottery” or “more money”.

This answer would have to be number one on the list of answers.

I recently ran a survey on my Facebook page  whereby I asked a few people the same question.
Most these people have been through life’s adversities with illnesses, weight issues, love bound, entrepreneurs and business leaders.
Needless To Say, every person who I interviewed are not financially rich people, most of them work full time or own small businesses.
Answers I received;

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • See daughters or sons
  • Health

If you noticed money is not even mentioned once. Not once!
Then what is the issue here? Why is it that money is perceived to be ultimate happiness to the quality of life?

Of course money is what allows us to live a steady state lifestyle in an expensive city and money is the number one motivation in our careers opportunities and priorities, right?

The truth seems to lie in the middle somewhere, and that for most people ‘money does not in fact make you happy or improve your life’.

This is how I see it, money is great to have, its a resource we require to use. So if we need food we use our resources to get food to feed the family.
However, essentially money is just a very high intensity of satisfaction and experience achieved for a few moments in one’s life. What I mean here is that it fills people with overwhelming excitement of having so much money, but do not be fooled as it will not last long and then your back to square one again, and ultimately just a ‘state’ of satisfaction.

Here are 3 things I found that make people ‘believe’ money is the game changer for a lifetime of happiness and quality life;

  1. The rich people such as celebrities are publicised daily, and seen to appear very happy people to the general public. Needless to say, this does not mean they are not satisfied with the current life, but are they deeply truly happy? Research shows most celebrities suffer from mental health problems.
  2. Money allows us to keep buying the next big thing and therefore is seen as a result for eternal life happiness.
  3. Results – people who have money have shown results to a successful career. This usually means they are better than anyone else and seen to be happier.

To conclude:

To sum this article let me be real with you, chase all the money you want, get it and see how long your happiness will last. Through significant experience and study money does not end in result for happiness but is just seen to the naked eye as though this is the answer.

What leaves us most happy is living in ‘ease’ every single day of your life to create happiness. If money is your prime motivator then that is fine, just be careful you practice ease as well so you don’t get caught up.


Thank you
Jana Youssef


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    Awesome article keep up the good work 🙂

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