3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Find Yourself

Let’s just assume you lost yourself, where would you be exactly? Are you here? Or are you there? Are you anywhere?

Typically, we all have the same size skull, and enough brain material in their head to function, unless we are severely deformed or traumatic effects to the brain.

This brings me straight to my point that throughout all my personal life experiences, choices, changes and stories have allowed me to ‘discover’ not ‘find’, my authentic true self. All with the use of the materials within my skull.
I refer to discover because I never lost myself, and if I lost myself, I would not be anywhere, I would cease to exist right? So why would I condition the thought of even being lost in the first place?

It is a simple as it looks, you don’t need to find yourself, because you never lost yourself. Your only discovering your authentic self, that is all. For some it takes longer than what it would take others, and other vise-versa. Life is not going anywhere because you are life, so it can’t go anywhere unless you got struck by a bus or were terminally ill.

It is essential that in today’s evolutionary processes and society that you do not get caught up on people telling you ‘who you are, and what you are’. If someone has referred to you as a lowlife, deadbeat guy/girl with no money or direction in life, then it is so important that you do not allow yourself firstly to be conditioned by this thought someone has put out there. Most often when this takes place now, it is seen a bullying and can manifest in you feeling slightly ‘lost’ from the verbal abuse.
This is not unusual, and is common, and most often leads to someone feeling very lonely or feeling alone.

A recent read up and statistics were found on a recent review of studies, that in today’s modern society, loneliness in itself increases mortality/deaths by upto 26%, and is the next biggest mental health issue as an epidemic.

This truly saddens me, and if I can make an impact somehow on my own personal experiences, I would be honoured and humbled.

Why people feel lost:

  1. Identifying with something that is not you in the first place (thinking this assist with finding themselves)
  2. Thinking they are lost because they still live in the past (this existed once upon a time)
  3. Thinking they are lost because they are living into the future (this does not exist yet)
  4. Placing a value on themselves (please do not set an expected value of yourself, you a more valuable than worth itself)

3 reasons why people don’t need to find yourself

  1. We all have control from within, our human body is the most sophisticated technology
  2. You create your own stimuli from within, not externally. The harder you try use external stimuli to ‘find’ yourself the further you will go. Do not beat yourself up.  
  3. Everything generated is from within you, so be familiar with what you maybe doing incorrectly in life, and change the context of your thoughts.

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