4 Steps On How To Start Writing A ‘Thank You’ Letter To Yourself

Okay, enough said and done. I hear thank you’s thrown around way too much, for the right reasons of course, but how truly grateful are you for yourself?

Have you ever sat there staring into space in a world of your own, lost for thoughts about yourself? Or where to even start about yourself? Do you really truly acknowledge yourself that much that you are super loved by yourself?
Have you ever been asked, do you love yourself? I know I have. I hate to break it to you, but life is really this simple.

You see, I love myself that much it is beyond ridiculous for some people right? How can someone love themselves so much? If I could not love myself so much and be so grateful for who I am and all that I have done for myself, how can I truly go on living a peaceful life and successful life  with myself or anyone?

Being grateful for yourself doesn’t mean you’re putting yourself first at all, it just means you’re adding value to yourself, and watch your life flow and excel in many areas, Gratitude is very VIRAL. People will want to be grateful for themselves when they see grace and happiness in other.

I see it everyday, I see women and men who stop eating and starve themselves until anorexia kicks in, or someone who takes steroid cycles because they cannot look at themselves in the mirror anymore, or those who self sabotage their minds to a point of extreme depression because someone along their lifeline made them feel shitty and worthless. So, you no longer are grateful for yourself and instead turn to blaming yourself.

I recently ran a workshop called “the power of gratitude”, it was a very intimate small group of people from all realms in life. Some who had anxiety, depression, former cancer fighters, in abusive relationships, I mean you name it.

One of the challenges that day was to begin by writing ‘A letter to yourself of gratitude’.

Boy was it so difficult for 50% of the attendees. Some could not begin a sentence at all, others very easy.

I then asked them to get up and read the letter to the rest of the group. There were tears of release, freedom, lightfullness and you could just see the enlightenment in their faces. Some have extreme stage fright and could not do it, and just cry with tears a fear of judgement and lacking self worth.

The next activity challenge was to write to someone who you are grateful for, 99% of the attendees wrote like their fingers were on fire. It was a breeze to write to someone and be grateful?

Why is it that you can not be grateful to yourself, yet so easy to be grateful to others?

Here are 5 steps to start writing your gratitude letter to yourself (be prepared, please stock a tissue box nearby you may need it)

Begin your letter by addressing  yourself

Dear Jana or To Jana.

Always acknowledge the person your writing to, please do not just start writing the letting without acknowledging yourself first.

Think back to times you were in situations or events in your lifetime

You can go to the past or present events. Write it down. Please note that there is no word limit to your letter. Write all that you are grateful for.

Here is an example;

Dear Jana,

I remember the time you were a child, and the kid next to you in the classroom was teasing you, bullying you, calling you names, telling you how ugly your nose looks.. I just want to say how truly grateful I am to you, because you remained calm and composed, although you were deeply hurt and would go home and cry on your own.

Tell yourself why you are so thankful. How did you feel, why do you feel like this now?

It’s important to understand how you were in this moment, how you felt.

You helped me realise how truly important it is to be patient with others. You made me feel like I could change the world. If it was not for your reaction, behaviour and actions that day, I would not be here today. You helped me see past my negative thoughts., and for this I am so grateful for you and what you did without realising…

Now go find a mirror (this is powerful), and read the letter to yourself. (if you do not have a mirror, please read it in a silent area on your own or to someone else if you like).

This is truly very important. Now that you have it down on paper, keep it but go ahead and read out loud. The most effective way to achieve supercharged gratitude for yourself is to look in the mirror and read your self gratitude letter to yourself.


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