Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Let’s face it, we all have a story, whether or not we share the story, I for one like to share my story.

I know for a fact that when I hear or listen to a person’s story, I either relate to it with my own personal story or I don’t relate at all but it takes me back to my own story.

Stories hit the conscience.

Our brain loves stories, and it ignites the ‘motor cortex’, which is found in the cerebral cortex of the brain that involves voluntary movement,executions, control and planning.]

Personally, I find stories to be highly motivating and empowering, and some stories I found to be so compelling and I could empathise with.

Some people have stories that will blow your mind away, tragic, unimaginable and horrific. They may even leave us feeling angry. But who are we to be angry with this person’s story?

The harvard business review states that (as social creatures, we depend on others for our survival and happiness).

You see, it is all good said that we all have a story in our life’s, but what matters to me is what you do with that story.

Are you living in that moment still? Are you telling your story just so people can feel sorry for you? Are you telling your story because you truly want to do something about it?

The story does not define you, but it will guide you to a road that leaves you to make a decision and choice right there and then. Will I see opportunity from this and go for it or will I stay put?

Most often people stay put and live there for a very long time. Yet the same person comes home everyday after work or a day out and complain that their life has not changed, that life is going anywhere, they feel sad and angry, or that their relationships are not working out, work is giving them a hard time, even that they feel the same way day in and day out.

On the other hand, the exact same person who’s STORY is the same invests all the love, time and energy into shaping their life to empower them to changing how they feel, what they dream of, how they love themselves, and what they want to do to make a difference in this world.

When I say invest their love, time and energy, I am talking about investing into something that will guide them to this direction of freedom and opportunities such as (e-book, workshops, retreats, life coaching, fitness and health, you name it).

How to use your story to see opportunities in life:


Put all the love, time, effort and money you can to shaping your very own life, regardless of your story that has been holding you back for nearly a decade.

Listen to other peoples stories

The stories of others trigger your action.


Instead of staying focused on one thing (your story), shift  your thoughts into what is ahead of you, and opportunities or resources available to you. Once your shift, then your outlook on your life will change.


Let your story and the story of others push you forward. Do not allow it to pull you backwards. The steps you take into action is what matters, this is where you decide do I stay living here, or do I go? A leap of faith is all it takes. Trust your actions!




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