Finding Inner Peace

Finding inner peace is not as difficult as you think. It is when times get difficult for us that we are consumed by the negative emotional thoughts that impact the way you feel in the moment.

Many people, unfortunately do not know how to find inner peace simply because they have not been shown, and because the feelings are way too heavy they don’t know what to do with it, so it stays within us and causes destruction within the body.

Over the years I myself have been through many adversaries, pain and hardship. Ever since I was a child.

I realise that the impact of holding these feelings and emotions inside of me, would get me sick again. It is not healthy, it is unhealthy.

Keeping your feelings inside means your not willing to let them out. By doing so, can cause many diseases and illnesses both mentally and physically.

You don’t need to talk to someone about your feelings if your not comfortable, but there are ways for you to discover that inner peace inside by taking some minor lifestyle ‘risk’, or as I much prefer to call them ‘changes’.

1. When you wake up talk to GOD.

I do this alot. I’m not heavy on religion, but I do get in touch with God. I dont touch my phone, I don’t get up, I just talk to god.

You may not hear god but God listens to us. Normally people wait for a response because they talk to people.

Be patient and enjoy!

Now get up, make your tea or coffee, eat and achieve some goals.

2. Take 5 minutes a day to practice breathing

All you need is 5 minutes a day to sit down for light meditation for breathing. So what this means is listen deeply only to your breathing patterns. I like to do this in a clustered louder environment because it teaches you to disregard distractions. If you can practice this everyday, you will feel enlightened and inspired.

3. Solitude

I am a huge fan of solitude. Without this you will always be distracted by lifes challenges especially negative people or negativity around. Please take 1 hour a day doing absolutely nothing with no mobile phone or technical device. No books, nothing at all. Just you.

You can do this in a park, beach, your car, your room, garden, anywhere on your own. Even a cafe..

The point is to be on your own though a quiet cafe preferably.

This is time to dive into self and hear yourself, listen and ask yourself things to discover about yourself.

4. Move in a form of EXERCISE.

Moving and physical exercise is by far one of the greatest releases of all time. Exercise releases the ‘good endorphines’ and creates inner peace on another level. You start discovering your true physical potential and challenging those sides of yourself. You can do exercise in the form of;

  • Gym
  • Home exercise program
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Intervals
  • Sport
  • Swimming

It’s not just about setting goals it is about discovery. The results will come but this will show you things about yourself you never knew existed. Plus the good endorphines make you feel great. Take advantage of this opportunity.

5. Get a coach/mentor

Sometimes you need a mentor to guide you. Most often people struggle with life and how to. A life mentor can help guide get you on track with self development.

I had one and every so often I still go back to my mentor for more guidance.