Gratitude and Thankyou’s

How to start daily gratitude?

“I have so much to be thankful for”, how many times have you said this to yourself? But how many times do you actually practice gratitude? How often do you show your gratitude?

Some researchers explain gratitude as a “state of emotional gratefulness” and a feeling of a deeper appreciation to someone, something and/or given something.

Being able to experience this level of deep gratitude simply leaves you with a deeply positive feeling, and when showing gratitude, one will truly feel the positive power and effects of it.

The problem in today’s society is that everything has become superficial, with no deepened levels of gratitude.

Only if you are living blatantly, thinking you are the king of this planet, will you miss out on everything, you will miss out on the whole process of life” – Sadhguru

My personal experience with gratitude started when I was 10 years old, I was in a deep emotional state at this point in life, my mother was sick with cancer, and I had to be a role model to my younger baby brother, thinking mum may die anytime now, I have to step it up. I had that pressure. Mum is still with us today.

Then at the age of 31, I was diagnosed with cancer (2014 – 2015), and at this point my I stayed true to gratitude. I experienced such powerful positivity while having treatment.

One day I wrote down on a piece of paper: 

‘for as long as I live, I will be grateful, and show gratitude not only to myself but for life itself and all that is around me, and nothing will disrupt this feeling’.

Suddenly I awoke even more to the true essence and meaning of ‘well-being and health’, and how valuable this asset is. I was grateful for my entire body and being more than ever.

So then 9 months after I finished treatment, my amazing sister-in-law of 18 years was diagnosed with cancer. I was her only sister, and she was mine too. She died 7 months after her diagnosis, she just turned 34 (2016). Amanda took a big part of my heart with her.

You see, life can attack you beautifully and viciously, but it all comes down to how you choose to feel about it. After all of this, I remained so grateful for life and everyone in it or whom had been in my life, the things that have happened both good and bad.

You see, showing gratitude to the things you ask  for is not enough. It is not powerful enough.

But when you receive something you never  asked for is when the true significant effects of gratitude comes.

Gratitude also comes from pain, experience, giving and receiving.

So let me share with you how you can also practice gratitude:


  1. Look in the mirror every morning and night – Talk to yourself and show gratitude to self.

You see, the first person other than god and life itself, is you! Look deep into the person in the mirror and say thank you for being here, say whatever you are grateful for. Showing gratitude to yourself is the first step to success and feeling the true power of gratitude. At this point you may experience the stoppage of “I hate you” to “I am so grateful for you”.


  1. Find 1 person a day

Call, SMS, a letter or send an email, and say thank you to them and why you are so thankful. It is not a simple thank you, as you must really tell them why, and touch base with them on the time, or what they said or did.

Be thankful from the heart, as this is where uttermost gratitude manifests from.

Make other people happy too.

You can tell a family member/friend/work colleague that you love them.

I told my mum the other day I love her out of nowhere in a text message, she was a little confused and asked me why? I said because life is too short, and why wouldn’t I? I know it made her day’


  1. Write it down

If you can’t find a person, then write something down everyday, or do number 2 and 3 together. There is no rule.

For example you may want to write ‘I am so grateful for this bed I have, because without it I would be sleeping on a floor’

But let’s say you just slept on a floor? Would you be grateful? Some no, because they want a luxury life.

For me personally yes I would be so grateful as this experience keeps me humble.


  1. Tell others you are proud of them

Personally, I have not had the luxury of people telling me they are proud of me, however with number 1, 2 and 3 teaching points above I learnt myself to tell myself that I am proud of myself, and others how proud I am for them.

This is very powerful, and you can bring such happiness not just to your life but to someone else’s. The change you see in someone’s facial expressions just by this simple act of being human and showing them.
To conclude, I have taken a few hours of my time to write this up to teach simple gratitude and practice.

I personally just wanted to express my gratitude to someone as well.

Just the other day I was featured live on the radio station 97.7FM, I did not ask for such a gift or blessing to take place, it just happened and I received this gift from Johnno from 97.7FM casey radio to talk with him live on the radio station.

I would personally like to say thank you Johnno for asking me to join you Live on radio, and truly grateful we met, and having been given this amazing opportunity alongside yourself.