Learning and Embracing How To Let Go

Letting go is not easy for many people. Very often we like to hold onto things to make us feel better and feel connection to something.

Here I will discuss how to let go of things from the material world such as money and items that in face value, have no value to you.

You see, the external fulfilling material objects and items can only keep you happy for a short period of time before you get sick of it and go to the next biggest and better thing.

It is so important that when you have an item that is worth some dollars, that you understand and do not add this dollar value to your ‘self worth’. All in all, you should not perceive yourself with a dollar value or how much you have.

Letting go is part of crucial perception that has now adopted a very fundamental approach in society whereby, what you have is who and what you are, and how much you are worth.

The approach I take is completely reversed; Letting go doesn’t mean you have to let go of all your money and properties, but it is where you gradually give back or let go of them.

You see, ultimately, when you face life with illness or death, things become reality quiet quickly. Money and things do not matter, they become so small.

Letting go process;

  • Understand the functionality

of the things sell them if needed, or give them away. Sometimes the memories of expensive items you are not using for a function or purpose then there is really no point holding onto them any longer.

  • The ego

you need to let that go. The cars and all the money in the world may make  you look valuable but really it’s just building to your ego. Ego is damaging and can lead to disaster. So let it go. It adds absolutely no value to the authentic self that you are. Ego also blocks your vision and disarms you from being a humanitarian.

  • Shift your perception of the items or things you have

So rather than thinking they are who you are and what you are all about, shift that thought into ‘the purpose of this money is to go to school or to give back to someone, or to help my family’

  • Eliminate all social media posting of your beautiful items

This does nothing except make you look silly and build to your ego even more. This adds absolutely no meaning to your life except for more ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.


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