4 Reasons Why Mirror Talking Is Important For You

Talking to yourself is by far the most powerful part of self discovery, allowing us to get more in touch with self on a day to day basis.

Mirror talking is quiet simple and easy to do, and the best part of this process is that you can do this activity all on your own.

To often, we shy away and lose self confidence hence why even as simple as looking at yourself in the mirror can be difficult.

For some looking at themselves in the mirror everyday is very easy, and while taking ‘selfies’ or admiring your appearance is great! Please try keep in mind that while your admiring your physical appearance, and not your internal appearance you are completely disregarding what is within.
It is a great thing that you look fabulous and you love that you look fabulous, but how much do you really love yourself on the inside?


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I really know myself that much?
  • Do I want to know how I really feel?
  • Am I really looking after myself?
  • Am I giving sufficient time to talk to myself daily?
  • Can I make time to have a chat to myself?
  • Am I valuable or not?
  • Why am I disregarding myself inside?

 Yes, it is good to be hard on yourself, work yourself to death to meet deadlines, financial deadlines,  and goals, but it is just as important to dive deep within and make time to chat to yourself through a mirror. I mean really look at yourself and chat away.


The common distractions:

  • Worried what others think of us
  • Judgement from others
  • Appearance VS Inner Peace
  • Putting others before you too often
  • Work and timelines
  • Financial stress
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Fear and lack of self confidence
  • The ‘I am victim mentality’
  • Much more


What do I say to the mirror?

At first you may feel awkward, but that’s only because you have started something so new, out of the ordinary, and unfamiliar territory. But I want to assure you that you’re not unfamiliar territory, and you should make every effort to give yourself as much attention and focus as possible from now on.

Here is an example of how you could start.. (you talking to mirror)  “Okay, so I just came back from the medical clinic, and the doctor told me I have cancer, and next week I have to start treatment.. What do you think (name – use your name)?” (you – mirror talking back to you) “Okay (name), how are you feeling about all of this”.

 You see it is a general conversation between you and you.. and it allows you to reflect with yourself and proven to increase self consciousness and awareness. When performing this activity, please look deep into the eyes to get the full impact and self discovery. DO NOT be AFRAID to get to know yourself please.


4 reasons why mirror talk is so important

Get to spend time with yourself, alone.

We are often distracted by external things around us that we do not make time for being alone. It is so crucial that you start off with at least 3 times a week of mirror self talk. When you’re more comfortable, extend this to a daily activity and only 5 minutes before you even start your day and if you keep going then don’t worry about time.

 You will find out new things about yourself

As much as it is nice to write things down, or talk to someone about your feelings or general chat with a fellow being, nothing will help you as much as that person your looking at in the mirror. So talk away because you are about to find out more about yourself you never knew existed.

 Increases self acceptance and perception

This process will allow you to accept yourself for who you are, and thank yourself for all your hard work and devotion. You will no longer feel the need to worry about being or feeling accepted by others. First accept yourself as you are, say ‘Hi’ to him/her in the mirror, tell them how proud you are of them. Be yourself completely!

 You will have the opportunity to manifest a heightened experience

You will see and feel different things when talking to yourself. When I first experienced this, I started to cry to myself in the mirror, I was telling myself that it will be okay, and that I have nothing to worry about. I stayed in the bathroom for 45 minutes talking to myself, I mean really deep talk. I felt goosebumps, energised and completed taken by the woman in the mirror. I must say it was one of the most empowering moments I ever had with myself.
You may find yourself feeling such high levels of energy at some point if done correctly.