Powerful Tricks To Help You Conquer Dyslexia

When people hear the word ‘Dyslexia’ they automatically feel sorry for you and perceived behaviour from the majority of people is that (you are stupid, or dumb).

I for one have had dyslexia, I have suffered difficulty reading since I could remember, I still have this problem. My school teachers would bully me in primary school, send me to detention if I wouldn’t read the book when they asked me to. The truth is I had an abundance of fear to read, I would suffer extreme fear because I couldn’t get the words to come out of my mouth effectively.

One teacher in particular would treat me so different to the other kids, I could not pick why he was treating me so harshly, his words would strike like daggers, and I would feel so down. I would go home very upset and tell my mother about this man who would just treat me like I was a nuisance to him and the rest of the kids.

It triggered that much fear at the time I couldn’t get any better at reading, I also could not put numbers together, I just could not understand how to. When I could not do this, I was bullied for it.

My mother took initiative one day, went to the school and blasted the teacher who was causing her child soo much pain, anxiety and grief. He told my mother I was an illiterate child, who has no idea about anything (yes he actually said this to my mother).
Boy did she put him in his place!!

You see, little did this teacher know how amazing I truly was.

Growing up, I realised I was dyslexic and had incapabilities to read off the bat from books, papers or anything of such format. My writing was okay, but I could not add numbers together, with an extreme sense of fear with reading, putting words together and numbers.

I am still to a degree dyslexic, however, I have understood that fear aligned with dyslexia can disrupt your purpose and life in many ways (if you allow it to). I really came to accept my problem here, and that I had nothing to worry about, I am ready to face the fears. So I have done just this. I understood that I am not stupid or dumb, and I will clarify with myself how capable I am of doing whatever it is I want because I am intelligent beyond the capabilities of anyone who is not dyslexic.

What does Dyslexia Mean:

It is a reading, writing disorder, whereby one struggles to read, pronounce, write or get words together like others who do not have the same problem, despite their super intelligence.

What is Alexia:
Is when one has never had previous problems reading, writing, sounding out words etc, but then loses their ability suddenly.

After having had cancer treatment, my words struggle to come out more effectively and sounding out can be difficult with very minor stuttering speech problems. Previously this was never an issue for me, and has purely taken place from post chemotherapy treatment.

Over the years:
Over so many years, I have turned from the ‘illiterate child who is dumb’ to the ‘influential and rival person I am today’. Below I have outlined how one can conquer their dyslexic patterns to get places in life.

How you can conquer your dyslexic patterns to get places in life:

Ignore the chit chatter bully

He/She will only try to put you down because they have unresolved self worth and self love issues with themselves. Leave them be.

If you listen, you will become and live there your entire life

Too often we listen too much to others especially those who have something to say about you. Here is my tip; listen to yourself, and only you. You can take yourself many places you never knew you could be.

Face it, don’t hide from it

Facing the problem will work wonders for you. Here are some example of what I have done to face those dyslexic fears;

  • Public speaking
  • Reading off a powerpoint (if required)
  • Radio hosting

Put yourself in situations where you will have no choice but to go this way or that way.

Knowing your true abilities

Get this right, your inability to grasp words and reading does not mean your stupid, dumb or silly. Infact your far more intelligent that the norm, you just don’t know it. So go out and find your abilities in areas you have not discovered yet, adapt them and action them.

Identify with yourself
Having dyslexia does not mean you are dyslexic. Here is another example; Having cancer does not mean you are cancer.


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