Two Ways To Overcome Disappointment From Expectations

Expectations are like setting unrealistic goals..

Don’t be me wrong, in the past when I was a teenager I would set these unreal expectations & when they didn’t happen when I thought they should have I would be disappointed.

Why are you always disappointed when you don’t get what you want or what you think should happen?

And do you find yourself questioning yourself as to why your feeling so disappointed about what didn’t just happen? You start beating yourself up mentally? At some point you begin to call yourself name such as; idiot, stupid, pathetic, crazy and all sorts of bad filthy names.

You see, this is what expectations leads us to, that at some point you will start subconsciously causing conflict within yourself and constantly putting yourself down because you’re so disappointed in what you set out and thought should happen.

There is good and evil in this world. The good (god) would rather you stop causing dis-ease or conflict and calling yourself names, and the evil side would love if you continue causing yourself dis-ease and call yourself all the names in the world.

Don’t you think it is time you start taking your life less serious, stop setting all these expectations that will only cause you dis-ease and harm?

What is point of having expectations?

Reduce your expectation of what should happen.

2 extremely effective exercises to help you overcome disappointments

  1. Write down all the unfulfilled expectations you have had, and next to each of them write down the dis-ease it has caused you as well as how you felt next to each of them.
  2. Write down current expectations and next to each write down the dis-ease you are setting yourself up for.

Lastly, don’t you think you would be much better off without any expectations at all?

Erase your expectations of what should happen and live in peace, be grounded.


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